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BAD TEACHER 坏老师 (Ebook + Video)

BAD TEACHER 坏老师 (Ebook + Video)

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#Full Nudity, #Full Frontal, #Cumshot, #Anal, #Oral, #Jerkoff, #Uncensored, #Erect

This Combo Package includes
Ebook : 106 Pages
Video : 11:23 Minutes

Meets Naughty Principal

Mr Teo was accused by a male student (Ben) for getting too touchy with him during Physical Education lessons, so he was summoned by Mr Chan the School Principal for a meeting.
As strange as it may seems, Mr Chan asked Mr Teo to meet him at his house over the weekend.
Knowing Mr Teo is a closet gay, Mr Chan took the advantage to threatened to report his case to Ministry of Education (Showed Mr Teo the incriminating video of him touching his student Ben inappropriately). When Mr Teo saw the video, he felt betrayed because it was Ben who expressed his love for him and seduce him first but secretly filmed their liaison. Mr Teo knew he may be terminated for his inappropriate behaviour with underage boys and even if can prove that he is innocent, his closet gay status would have been expose indirectly and so Mr Teo would do anything to avoid the investigation.
Unless if Mr Teo abide by Mr Chan’s request.
Mr Chan asked Mr Teo to stripped naked, then proceeded to have sex with him. Mr Teo knowing Mr Chan’s intention, didn’t object to his advances and can only hope that by doing so, Mr Chan would close the case.
At the end of the session, Mr Teo knew his problem has been settled and what’s left is to get even with Ben for sabotaging him.



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Additional Information
    Content #Full Nudity, #Full Frontal, #Cumshot, #Anal, #Oral, #Jerkoff, #Uncensored, #Erect
    Category Photobook Video
    Country Other
    Year 2021
    Director Style House
    Cast No
    Language Chinese
    Subtitle Chinese , English
    Viewing Option Online Streaming
    Duration 00:11:23
    Resolution 720P
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