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兄弟鬩牆 Brother Sex

兄弟鬩牆 Brother Sex

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#Full Nudity, #Full Frontal, #Cumshot, #Anal, #Oral

兄弟鬩牆 Brother Sex


Even when my mom is gone, my older brother won’t prepare dinner; he is really slacking in life.

My older brother is really mean, he won’t take a shower after exercising, and kept forcing me to sniff his dirty socks.

They reek so bad, but the scent makes me so horny. After a little horseplay, my older brother accidentally touched my semi-hard cock.

I grabbed his crotch back, and realized he has a boner.

Why would he be interested in his own younger brother? What does he want?

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Additional Information
    Content #Full Nudity, #Full Frontal, #Cumshot, #Anal, #Oral
    Category Short Films
    Country Taiwan
    Year 2021
    Director JS Studio
    Cast No
    Language Chinese
    Subtitle Chinese , English
    Viewing Option Online Streaming
    Duration 00:16:25
    Resolution 720P
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