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DEVIL'S TOUCH 按魔 - Video

DEVIL'S TOUCH 按魔 - Video

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按摩也是一种性解脱,一方面,肌肉松懈能减压力,第二可以借性欲。同志按摩往往都包含“Happy Ending”,是指按摩后顺便打飞机解放。打飞机也是一个比较安全的性解放,因为没跟陌生人真做爱,所以不会染上性病。

Devil’s Touch

Many people, especially men, are unable to suppress their sexual desire, so after marriage, because their wives can't satisfy their high sexual desire, they will look to engage in extra-marital affairs to satisfy this desire. Sexual desire is liken to a person’s appetite. Some people eat more and some people eat less. When the couple's sexual desire is on opposite ends, problem will arise. The person who has the higher desire and cannot find sexual satisfaction in their partner will look for alternative. But paying for regular sexual relief can be financially taxing so some men thought that having a mistress in an impoverish country might be more economical, however when lust took over, they didn’t factor that a mistress is also a woman who would want him for herself. Once a man is sandwiched between two women, problems will arise. A woman can give a man a good home, but a betrayed woman can turn a home upside down. So, my advice to men is not to have a mistress! But this is a straight man's problem.
Massage is also a form of sexual relief. On the one hand, muscle relaxation can reduce stress, and secondly, sexual desire can be satisfied. Gay massage often includes "Happy Ending", which means sexual relieve at the end of the session. Masturbation is a safer alternative to sex with strangers cause the odds of contracting sexually transmitted diseases from strangers will be reduce.

Kenny is a person who enjoys massage, so he often look for fellow gay men in gay chat group to give him a massage. Because in the gay circuit, some older gay members harbours the fetish to massage a fit body. Kenny knows that he is good looking with a gorgeous body, so getting someone to give him a free massage is relatively easy.
While in a hotel for oversea business trip, Kenny was swimming alone in the pool when he noticed he has been watched by a hotel staff. Kenny knew that the other party was interested in him so played along by flirting with him and eventually led him to the hotel room. This hotel employee turned out to be the hotel’s masseur. He likes Kenny's muscular physique and so didn't mind giving Kenny a free massage. That night, the masseuse used his devil’s touch to send Kenny to heavenly bliss!


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    Content N/A
    Category Photobook Video
    Country No
    Year 2020
    Director Style House
    Cast No
    Language Chinese
    Subtitle Chinese , English
    Viewing Option Online Streaming
    Duration 00:11:34
    Resolution 720P
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