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EDGING 控精 (Ebook + Video)

EDGING 控精 (Ebook + Video)

Quick Overview

This Combo Package include 
Ebook : 120 Pages 
Video : 10:16 Minutes


Isaac severely burnt both his hands in a freak accident when he used his bare hands to catch a tipping boiling water pot that was knock over by his younger brother. While he managed to prevent a permanent scaring on his younger brother’s face, he held on to the pot for too long until his hands suffered from 1st degree burn.

Hospitalised for two weeks, except for his hands, all else of Isaac was healthy. With both his hands injured, Isaac was unable to jerk off for two weeks. Feeling horny as hell, Isaac attempted to jerk off awkwardly with his bandaged hands. Unfortunately, his private moment was interrupted by the male nurse that was in charge of him.

The male nurse walked in and greeted Isaac, checked how he was doing and told Isaac, he is going to give him an on-bed wash up. The nurse covered Isaac’s private area with a towel for modesty and proceeded to unrobed him. Then proceeded to clean his body with a wet towel.

The moment came when the nurse pulled down Isaac’s underwear, that’s when Isaac got arouse. Isaac stole glances at the handsome male nurse while he was being clean, and when the male nurse reached under the towel to wipe his private part, Isaac’s erection peeked out of the towel. The male nurse noticed Isaac’s erection and horny face and understood what Isaac needs.

The male nurse proceeded to massage Isaac’s dick and balls, making Isaac yearning for more. Noticing Isaac didn’t seem to mind, the male nurse gave him a blow job and at one stage even finger fucked Isaac’s ass, sending streams of sensations up Isaac’s brain.

When Isaac couldn’t hold back, he squirted 2 weeks’ worth of semen all over his chest and tummy. What a relief!










*This  Ebook & Video contains full frontal nudity

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Additional Information
    Content N/A
    Category Photobook Video
    Country No
    Year 2020
    Director Style House
    Cast No
    Language No
    Subtitle No
    Viewing Option Online Streaming
    Duration 00:10:16
    Resolution 720P
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