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ELECTRICIAN HOT BOY 电工美男 Part 2 (Video)

ELECTRICIAN HOT BOY 电工美男 Part 2 (Video)

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Derek was deployed by his boss to go to an apartment to do repair work. Armed with his tool box, he arrived at the apartment to be greeted by the owner. After leaving instructions, the owner left the apartment. When the repair was done, Derek had worked up a sweat, and since the owner was not around, he decides to take a shower in the beautiful bathroom. Little did he know that he was being secretly filmed showering and fondling himself in the shower. When the owner returned, Derek was shocked when the owner questioned him about using his bathroom without permission, was even showed the video recording. The owner threatened to report him to his boss and show the video as proof unless he agrees to have sex with him. Derek agreed reluctantly but soon realised that the encounter is both a painful and pleasurable experience. END


德里克被老闆部署到公寓做修理工作。 他帶著工具箱抵達公寓,跟屋主見面後, 屋主留下指示後就離開了公寓。 修理完成後,德里克以汗流浃背,由於屋主不在家,德里克决定偷偷在公寓的美麗浴室洗澡。 可他却不知道他被秘密录制洗澡和在洗澡时撫摸自己。 當屋主人回來時,屋主人盘問德里克為何未經許可就使用他的浴室。德里克感到驚訝為何屋主會知道他用他浴室,最後屋主顯示了錄像,才明了。 屋主威脅德里克要向他的老闆投訴,並將視頻作為證據展示,除非他同意與他發生性關係。 德里克很不情願地同意了,但很快就意識到這次遭遇既痛苦又令人愉快。 完

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    Content N/A
    Category All
    Country No
    Year 2020
    Director Style House
    Cast No
    Language No
    Subtitle No
    Viewing Option Online Streaming
    Duration 00:05:56
    Resolution 720P
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