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Zeero-S E-Wallet via bank transfer

To top up your Zeero-S E-Wallet via bank transfer, you may follow the below steps: 

Step 1 : Please note the top-up value options below. Top-up more to get more value in your E-Wallet.

Option A) Pay USD 20  (Get USD 21.00) 

Option B) Pay USD 40  (Get USD 43.00) 

Option C) Pay USD 60  (Get USD 65.00)

Option D) Pay USD 80  (Get USD 87.00)

Step 2 : Zeero-S Payment Details (USD)

Bank Account Name : ZEERO-S LIMITED

Bank Account Number : 671102115360

Bank Swift Code : TPBKTWTP



Account Type : Checking

Please Note : 

1. Please select the Value option you wish to top-up for your Zeero-S E-Wallet. 

2. All charges such as processing fees will be borne by sender.  Zeero-S shall receive the money in full without deduction of other fees.

3. Once you have made the transfer, please provide us with your registered Email ID with Zeero-S, Transaction Reference Number, Top Up Value and Payment Date at

4. We will top up your E-Wallet accordingly and notify you via email once we received the payment.

5. If the amount received is not in full, we will minus the difference before we top up your E-wallet.

6. Please note that the payment is non-refundable once it is successfully transferred.

7. Please contact us at if you require any assistance. 

Recommendation : 

For better rates and minimum processing fees, you may consider using TransferWise for the payment transfer as it comes with several payment options such as payment using your debit/credit card/bank account.  TransferWise app is available on Google Playstore and Apple Store. Please note that this is just our recommendation and we will not liable for any issue arising from using TransferWise.