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Zeero-S is a digital platform designed for talented photographers to publish their artwork for art lovers. The nature of expression is limitless and so we adopt a space without censorship. Hence, some of the subject matter may depict nudity. Please ensure you duly understand our terms and conditions before registering an account with us.

Account registration is easy and FREE. Simply fill in the required information at the prompts to complete the registration. Please ensure : -

  1. You duly understand our Terms and Conditions and Returns and Refunds Policy. If you require any clarification, please reach us at
  2. You are of legal age within your country to access our website and mobile apps, as it contains adult content which not suitable for underage viewing. If you require any clarification, please reach us at
  3. You provide a valid email address during registration to enable a method of contact as well as to ensure security and privacy for your account.
If the user has ordered the book via our webstore (, they can view the purchased eBook on our mobile app, available on Android or IOS. Our mobile app can be downloaded in the Google Play store or Apple store by searching for “Zeero-S”.

If the user has downloaded the book but cannot view it, you may try the following:

  • Delete storage of the eBook.
  • Download it again.

If the user continues to have issues after trying the above, please email for further technical assistance.

Upon PayPal Checkout, you may select either below methods for payment.

  1. With a registered PayPal account. (We encourage that you register an account with PayPal for a speedier checkout process.)
  2. Pay as Guest. (for Visa / Master /Others payment method).

This app was made to showcase the works of commercial photographers. In a bid to protect the intellectual and creative property of their work, the app is designed to prevent print screen and screen recording functions.

If a user does the above actions, our admin will detect this and block the account immediately. They may need to contact our admin to unlock their account. Please know that our admin reserves all rights over account decisions, especially in the case of abuse of usage is found.

Please note that a unique User ID is only able to be used on a maximum of two devices. Once the user has logged in to the first two devices successfully, the system will auto-link the User ID on these two devices. In order to log-in on a 3rd device, the user can contact our admin to unlink the User Id from one of the original devices. After that, the user will be allowed to log-in on the 3rd device.

Users can only use a promotion code on our Webstore ( or on an Android mobile app. IOS users can sign-in to the Webstore to purchase the magazine, then view their purchases on their mobile apps.

  1. Android users can apply their promo code directly into their mobile app during purchase.
  2. IOS users may proceed to our Webstore (, log-in with their User ID and proceed with the purchase with their promo code. They may then view it on their mobile app once payment is complete.

To free up storage space on their mobile phone, the user can simply:

    • Go to the top righthand corner of the app.
    • Select “Release Storage”.
    • Highlight the titles you wish to delete storage by tapping below the titles.

We do not offer refund. Please refer to our Returns and Refunds Policy.

Further assistance and clarification, please contact us at

To delete an eBook permanently, the user may contact our support staff at for assistance.

Please note that this action will delete the title from the user’s account and we will be unable to retrieve it after confirmation. If they wish to view the eBook thereafter, they may have to re-purchase the title.

To delete a registered account with us, please contact our support staff at for assistance.

Please note that once the account has been deleted after confirmation, we will be unable to recover it. No refunds will be issued for any titles within the account. (Please refer to our Returns and Refunds Policy)