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FLYING DICKS 非屌 Book. No. 18 (Video)

FLYING DICKS 非屌 Book. No. 18 (Video)

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I have shot countless nude hot guys and every dick size, colour and shape is as different as our faces. In recent years, more guys (straight or gay) are into shaving their pubes. I guess young guys are not as conservative as the older generation, they have sex with strangers more often than we assume and hence there is a need to be mindful of how they look down there. I noticed on average gay guys have bigger dicks than straight guys and guys who gym hard core have very tiny dicks and balls (my guess is that their sex organ shrink as their muscles fights for nutrients with it. Guys with skinny frames have huge dicks (it’s not proportion), they are really big at 18cm-20cm in length. Like I said earlier, their body didn’t fight with it for nutrients. Another phenomenon is that top gay guys are sexually stronger and able to hold erection longer than bottom gays. Dicks also look better in photos if they are fair pinkish in colour as compared to those with dark coloured dicks. From the grapevine, I heard straight guys who fuck women raw have dark coloured dicks. The myth is the acidic nature of pussy juice cause the penial skin to turn dark. Anyway, this book is dedicated to fans who likes dicks and so we have a collection from gay to straight guy dicks for your viewing pleasure.


我拍攝了無數裸體男模,每個雞巴的大小,顏色和形狀都和人的臉一樣的 不同。 近年來,越來越多的男人(異性戀或同志)開始剃陰毛。 我猜年 輕人不像老一代那麼保守,他們與陌生人發生性關係的頻率比我們想像的 要高,因此有必要注意他們陰莖衛生。 我注意到男同性戀者的屌平均比直男的屌大。熱愛健身的男生屌都比較小 (我的猜測是,他們的性器官會收縮,因為他們的肌肉在爭奪養分。 身材 細瘦的男生,屌通常比較大(不是因為比例緣故),它們的確很大,長18 厘米至20厘米。就像我之前說的,它們的身體並沒有為了營養而與之抗 爭。 另一個現像是,一號同性戀者的性能力比較強,而勃起的能力比零號同性 戀者更長久。 與顏色較深的屌相比,如果屌的顏色略帶粉紅色,則它們在 照片中的外觀也會更好。從小道消息中,我聽說直男若不戴套跟女人做愛 ,他们的雞巴顏色會比較深。 神話是貓汁的酸性本質導致陰莖皮膚變黑。 無論如何,這本書是專為喜歡雞巴的粉絲準備的,因此,我們為您提供從 同性戀到異性戀雞巴的精選收藏。

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    Content N/A
    Category Photobook Video
    Country No
    Year 2020
    Director Style House
    Cast No
    Language No
    Subtitle Nil
    Viewing Option Online Streaming
    Duration 00:11:59
    Resolution 720P
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