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Hoteru 2 - First Time 旅店 2 - 第一次 (Ebook + Video)

Hoteru 2 - First Time 旅店 2 - 第一次 (Ebook + Video)

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This Combo Package include 
Ebook : 122 Pages
Video 1 : 13:02 Minutes
Video 2: 11:52 Minutes


FIRST TIME Peter turned 16 years old today, a day that he had been waiting for a long time. He can’t wait to experience having sex for the first time. He had been chatting with an older gay guy in face book for a while and this big day, he took the courage to asked him out. Right after school, Peter dressed up and rushed out to meet the guy in a boutique hotel. At the hotel room, Peter confessed that he just turns 16 years and it was his first-time having sex. The older guy promised to teach Peter about gay sex and Peter was more than happy to experience it. The older guy sat Peter on a couch in front of him and directed him to slowly stripped down to his underpants. Then he signalled to Peter to oil himself before asking him to lay down on the couch and gave him a sensual massage to help relax his body. The massage progressed from edging and masturbation to ass fingering and soon enough, when Peter’s hole had relaxed, the older guy trusted his erect penis into Peter’s tight hole. The initial pain was excruciating but soon turned into a delightful pleasure and experience for Peter’s 16th Birthday wish.


第一次 Peter今天已16歲,這是他等待了很長時間的一天。 他迫不及待地想要第一次做愛。 他已經和一個臉書上的同志朋友聊做愛的事一段時日,這一天,他鼓起勇氣要约他出去。 放學後,Peter打扮得整整齊齊,趕緊去一家精品旅館見那個同志朋友。 Peter在旅館房間裡承認,他剛滿16歲,這是他第一次做愛。 那個同志朋友答應教Peter有關同性戀的知識,Peter很高興能經歷到。 那個同志朋友请Peter坐在他前面的沙發上,指示他慢慢地脫下衣服。 然後他吩咐Peter自己上油,再请他躺在沙發上並給他做按摩以幫助放鬆身體。 按摩很快就讓Peter放鬆身體。当Peter 的肛門放鬆后,同志朋友將他勃起的陰莖托入了Peter的肛門。 最初,感觉是疼痛令Peter難以忍受,但很快就變成了Peter 16歲生日願望的一種愉悅的享受和經歷。

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Additional Information
    Content N/A
    Category Combo Package
    Country No
    Year 2020
    Director Style House
    Cast No
    Language Chinese
    Subtitle English
    Viewing Option Online Streaming
    Duration No
    Resolution No
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