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Enchanted House 附魔屋 Part 1 (Video)

Enchanted House 附魔屋 Part 1 (Video)

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Pin Yuan sat in a room, telling the audience his life’s regrets. When he was younger, he was good looking and charming, many men and women was interested in dating him but he chose to ignore them. Dating girls was not his cup of tea. He knew he is gay but because he was afraid family and friends will know he is gay; he didn’t go out to meet fellow gay people even when he was interested in them. Now that he is 80 years old and still a virgin, he can only reflect in sorrow that his life will come to an end soon and he will die with regrets. Pin Yuan feels so lonely and unwanted at 80 years old; he had been alone since his parents passed on 25 years ago and being an only child, he didn’t have any siblings to accompany him nor very close friends who would show him some concern. This year he just crossed his 80 th birthday and he felt that he had enough of loneliness. With intention to end his life, he came to this old deserted house and hoped to end his life there. As he muttered to himself about all his life’s regret and wished that he could turn back the clock. A voice in the house spoke to him. The voice said: “Pin Yuan, I am the owner of this enchanted house, if I can fulfil your life’s desires, would you give me your soul in return?” Pin Yuan thought for a while and agreed: “Ok!” “There are two doors at the back of this house, walk through each door and you shall fulfil each of your sexual fantasy in them. ” Suddenly the tremble stops and the voice disappears. Pin Yuan walked to the back yard. There he saw 2 doors but it is just 2 toilets. As strange as it seems, he peeks his head in. As he did so, it’s not a dirty toilet like he saw. He saw a beautiful deserted beach and he was peeking out through a huge tree that is an invisible door. He pulled his head back in again, from the outside, it looks like a dirty toilet. This time he puckered the courage and walked in. As he stepped through, he noticed he was naked and looked much younger and able bodied. He explored the beach naked and then he started masturbating himself. One of his sexual fantasy was to masturbate in the open sky uninhibited. He stroked himself until he shot his load. When he was done, he walked right back from the toilet door. Mustering enough confidence, he stepped through the second door. As he walked into it, he found himself strapped naked and blind folded to a bed in a dark room. He struggled to free himself and asked if anybody is there. Then he recalled his final fantasy was to be raped and sexually abused. Suddenly a pair of warm hands touch his body, which slowly when on to caressed him and seduce. Initially Pin Yuan felt afraid and struggles a bit but the hands made him feel so good he relented. The rapist then proceeded to administer oral sex, sodomised him with a dildo and finally raped him before squirting his huge load all over his body. After the ordeal, Pin Yuan was released. Then the rapist told him, it’s the same voice he heard in the house: “All your desires has been fulfilled. Now it’s your turn to stay behind. Until the next person comes by the house, you get to fulfil his desires then you can leave this enchanted house. Pin Yuan: “How long have you waited?” The rapist said to him, said: “80 years”. He then walked off leaving Pin Yuan sitting there naked and afraid.


品源坐在一個房間裡,向聽眾講述他一生的遺憾。年輕的時候,他長得好 看又迷人,許多男人和女人都想和他約會,但他選擇不理他們。他知道自 己是同性戀,但是因為他擔心家人和朋友會知道他是同性戀,所以即使他 對同性戀感興趣,他也沒做出主动。現在他已經80歲了,仍然是一個處男 ,他只有遺憾陪他度过生命的结尾,他將遺憾地死去。 品源在80歲那年感到非常孤獨和無聊,自從他的父母25年前去世以后,他 是孤身一人。他是獨生子,沒有兄弟姐妹陪伴他,也沒有非常親密的朋友 來關心他。今年,他剛過80歲生日,他感到自己有足夠的孤獨感。為了結 束他的生命,他來到了這座廢棄的老房子,希望在那裡結束他的生活。當 他喃喃自語關於自己一生的遺憾,並希望他可以倒轉時光。屋子裡有聲音 對他說。 聲音說:“品源,我是這棟附魔屋的主人,如果我能滿足你一生的願望, 你可愿意把你靈魂给我作為回報嗎?” 品源思考了一下,然後同意:“好吧!” “這棟房子的後面有兩扇門,穿過每扇門,您將在其中實現自己的性幻 想。 ” 突然,顫抖停止了,聲音消失了。品源走到後院。在那兒他看到了兩扇門 ,但只有兩間廁所。看起來很奇怪,他把頭伸進去其中一間,他看到了一 個美麗的荒蕪海灘,他吓一跳,把頭缩回去。他從外面看,就是一間骯髒 的廁所。這次他鼓起勇氣走了進去。 當他走過時,他發現自己是赤裸的,看看自己,年輕了许多,身體也強壯 了。他赤裸裸地探索海灘,然後開始自慰。他的性幻想之一是在狂放的天 空中自慰。他撫摸自己,直到他射。完成後,他從衛生間的門走了回來。 他鼓起了足夠的信心,走進了第二扇門。當他走進去的時候,他發現自己 被赤裸地綁著,盲目地折疊到一個黑暗房間的床上。他掙扎著釋放自己, 並問是否有人在那兒。然後他回憶起自己最終的幻想是被強姦和性虐待。 突然,一對溫暖的手觸摸了他的身體,然後慢慢地撫摸著他並引誘。最初 ,品源感到害怕和掙扎,但雙手使他感覺很好,因此他鬆了口氣。然後, 強姦犯開始進行口交,用假陽具將他雞姦,最後強奸了他,然後把精液噴 到他全身。 磨難後,品源被釋放。然後,強姦犯告訴他,他在屋子裡聽到的聲音是一 樣的:“您的所有願望都得到了滿足。現在輪到您了。直到下一個人來這 所房子,您實現他的願望,然後您才能離開這座附魔屋。 品源问:“你等了多久?” 強姦犯對他說:“ 80年了”。然後他就走了,讓品品源赤裸裸地坐在那裡, 擔心受怕。

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    Content N/A
    Category Photobook Video
    Country No
    Year 2020
    Director Style House
    Cast No
    Language Chinese
    Subtitle Chinese , English
    Viewing Option Online Streaming
    Duration 00:11:57
    Resolution 720P
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