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Hoteru 4 -Influencer / 旅店 4 – 网红 Part 2 (Video)

Hoteru 4 -Influencer / 旅店 4 – 网红 Part 2 (Video)

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#Full Nudity, #Full Frontal, #Anal, #Oral, #Uncensored, #Erect, #Cum

Hoteru 4
As a fan, ever wondered how influencer get started. This clip is a tell all on how some influencer get their first step out.
Every influencer has to bank on one of the 7 sins (Lust, Wrath, Envy, Greed, Sloth, Pride, Gluttony) as a marketing strategy to get their followers. With huge followings, big brands will pay and engage influencers to do “Shout Out” for their products.
Lust is the most popular marketing strategy that influencer employ. Referring to those hot guys and gals who dance; sing, selfie, photograph and video themselves wearing very little or next to nothing, flaunting their beautiful gym tone bodies.
Chester is an 18 years old nobody and he too wanted to be a successful influencer. He wants to use Lust but his body is nothing close to fitness model size (That needs a few years of hard gym work before he can get started and body building is an expensive sports). He thought about Envy but he doesn’t have the means and contacts to get sponsorship to stay in posh hotels and he is not fashion model size to get boutique to sponsor him nice clothes. He thought about Wrath (he is not witty & bitchy enough); Gluttony (He don’t have a big stomach, probably kill himself by over eating), Sloth (He doesn’t have any ‘Quick Get Rich Seminars’ to pitch), Pride (He has no idea what’s that).
However, he knows he is cute as a button and a lot of older gay men likes him so he sets upon the idea to get them to help him be an influencer by trading sexual services with them.
To get professional photos that he can post in Instagram, Chester traded naughty video with gay photographers in return for professionally shot photos. To get himself invited to posh hotel stays where he can selfie at will, Chester traded sexual services with affluent gay men and at the same time earn some decent pocket money.

旅店 4 – 网红
Chester是一名 18 歲的無名小子,他也想成為一名成功的網紅。
為了獲得可以在 Instagram 上發布的專業照片,Chester與同性戀攝影師交換拍性感視頻,以換取專業拍攝的照片。

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Additional Information
    Content #Full Nudity, #Full Frontal, #Anal, #Oral, #Uncensored, #Erect, #Cum
    Category Photobook Video
    Country Other
    Year 2021
    Director Style House
    Cast Somsak Yee
    Language Chinese
    Subtitle Chinese , English
    Viewing Option Online Streaming
    Duration 00:10:10
    Resolution 720P
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