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LEO | EP. 1 (Ebook)

LEO | EP. 1 (Ebook)

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風孩子 LEO 1 全見版

作品的尺度是限制級全見版, 未滿十八歲,請勿購買閱讀, 請支持正版購買, 對我來說,是創作的動力也是鼓勵, 希望你們會喜歡,謝謝大家, 風孩子 2020年持續徵尋男體寫真創作, 期待與有緣且有心想紀念青春的你 , 一同與我創造更精彩美麗的作品來, 請私訊臉書 (醉情天) 留言或推特告知,謝謝您。 青春真的會老,人不會永遠都在顛峰狀態的, 所以更要珍惜,而不是等過了幾年,幾10年之後, 才發覺有感,而有所遺憾, 那都已經來不及紀念記錄了。

Men Story -  LEO (Full Nude Version) 

"Men Story" continues with our inspiration to seek out new creation in Male Art and Photography for 2020. We look forward to commemorate youth, together with the actors and yourself who are destined to be part of this beautiful journey. Youth are not forever. One will grow old. People don’t stay at their peak forever. Hence, we must cherish our youth even more. Instead of waiting for a few years, or a few 10 years later, when we realised that it is too late, too late to commemorate ourselves on record. Don't let this become our sorry and regret. Join me, to create more wonderful and beautiful artworks for all art lovers, and to commemorate your youth. Please leave a message or tweet on Facebook. Thank you. This title is suitable for viewer age 18 and above. Please support genuine purchase, as it is the motivation for creation and encouragement for us to bring you more exciting content. We hope you will like it. Thank you all.

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    Language CHINESE
    Total Pages 185
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