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Occasionally, someone comes along that inspires Mart so much, that a special volume is produced. Featuring creative photography techniques, audacious poses and revealing insights to the personality, Mart photo book is really a crafted exposé that tells the story of the person in visual and text. The feature is also a collaboration, that merges the personality with Mart’s perspective and aesthetics to create something truly unique and representative.

“So many problems pouring in. So discouraging but I have people to care for and love me. Must be positive always. “It must be a test, every problems can be fixed”. As a result, this issue contains all my photos together with Mart’s. And this issue is my new experience working with Mart.”

Travis Yukarin | The beastly Travis is a muscular man, but has a sensitive side to him. Discover this state of contrast in a volume that pulls and pushes, tugs and rebels, fraught with tension. Set mostly in posh environments, Travis adds the grit to the refinement, but also levels up the charisma with his inner sensuality. At the end, a mysterious guest appears and becomes a conduit to our desires.

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    Language ENGLISH, THAI
    Total Pages 204
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