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WOW! ISSUE 3 (Ebook)

WOW! ISSUE 3 (Ebook)

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#Full Nudity, #Partial Full Frontal , #With Underwear, #Butt, #Erect, #Transparent Underwear, #Dick Shape, #Men Art, #Dick

I chose to work with Ren Ren again as he is the photographer who understands me very well. After hearing out my aspirations for this project, he immediately set out to plan this shooting theme "MR.PILOT". In addition to purchasing the pilot's costumes and styling props, he has a bolder idea to find a place and scene where he can shoot the "big" airplane. However, due to certain safety factors and specific restrictions, it is almost impossible to achieve a very close overhead lens light of the aircraft, and to complete the task. To fulfil the wish and aspirations of mine, he collected a lot of relevant information, from the check-in point of the plane to the geographical inaccessible terrains and mountains, and finally with the help from his reliable professional flying friend, who is also a photographer who specialize in shooting all kinds of airplanes. We crossed unmanned land and climbed over mountains and ridges. We overcome many obstacles and finally completed the filming. I was very grateful to be featured as the "BUDGUY" in this issue, and it was like my dream has became a reality. COOL!

之所以再次選擇跟任壬合作,我想他應該是很懂我的攝影師,聽說完我的意願,他立馬就著手去規劃我新拍攝的主題。 《MR.PILOT》應運而生。據說他為了這次拍攝除了專門選購飛行員的服裝和造型道具之外,更'大'膽的想法是要找到一處可以拍攝'大'飛機的場景。由於某些安全因素和特定的限制,想要實現飛機非常近距離的過頭頂的鏡頭光,光想想就覺得是不可能完成的任務,但萬事就怕“用心”兩字,為了找到合適的場景,他收集了很多相關資訊並前前後後踩了三次點,從網紅飛機打卡點到人跡罕至山野,最後在踩點途中偶遇的一位靠譜專業飛友(專門拍攝各式飛機的攝影愛好者)的幫助下,終於覓得一處絕佳視角。一個需要翻山越嶺突破重重險阻的無人之境,最終完成了此次拍攝。並再我完全不知情的情況下,特邀了我很喜歡的一位偶像,《BUDGUY》的壞傢伙與我共同出鏡。對我來說,這就是很完美的夢想被照進了現實。 COOL!

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    Content #Full Nudity, #Partial Full Frontal , #With Underwear, #Butt, #Erect, #Transparent Underwear, #Dick Shape, #Men Art, #Dick
    Total Pages 140
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