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WOW! ISSUE 1 & 2 (2 Ebook + Video)

WOW! ISSUE 1 & 2 (2 Ebook + Video)

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#Full Nudity, #Non Full Frontal, #With Underwear, #Butt, #Men Art

This Combo Package includes
WOW! Issue 1 : 140 Pages
WOW! Issue 2 : 168 Pages
Video : 3:56 Minutes

Tough! At first glance, he is neat and generous. In terms of temperament, his speech and demeanor are straightforward.
He has a unique masculinity aura of a soldier, undisguising his love, hate and preferences, he is simple yet direct, just like his loud laughter, which easily reaches his audiences' hearts! I believe everyone can tell from his looks how "cruel" he can be to himself. Only people with extreme self-discipline are capable of reducing their body fat percentage to 6-7%. "In order to prepare for this shooting, I train twice a day, 2~3 hours each time, 3 months in advance, coupled with consistent strict dietary standards, regular sun exposure and tanning in order to achieve the perfect bronze complexion". Among the many styles, [Monk Temptation] is undoubtedly the most challenging. Besides social taboo, showcasing his baldness from a straight man's point of view, and strong opposition from his girlfriend.
We want to artistically present the life experience of this Shaolin disciple, engraved in him the memories of the years of hard work behind closed windows. This is made possible by blending his style, character and of course his sculpture-like muscular physique in perfect harmony.

硬朗! 從氣質上來說,第一眼就是利落大方,言談舉止直來直往毫不拐彎抹角。不加掩飾的愛恨喜好,簡 單 直接,一如他大聲的笑直抵人心!加上軍人特有的陽剛氣場,不言自威。在當下崇尚陰柔弱冠之 美的審美中更顯難得的純粹。 硬氣! 相信大家可以從他的肌肉狀態可以看出來他對自己可以有多狠。只有極度自律和嚴苛的人才能 把自己的體脂率降到6~7。為了這次拍攝提前3個月準備,每天2練,每次2~3小時。規律而嚴格的 飲食標準,為了達到古銅色的膚色定期曬太陽和美黑。其間的艱辛老鐵們都懂的。 硬核! 在眾多造型中,無疑【僧誘】是最有挑戰性的。除了題材雖劍走偏鋒但也充滿禁忌意味。特別是很 光很光的寸草不留的光頭造型。對於一個對髮型還蠻看重的鋼鐵直男來說也是道坎,加上女友 的極力反對。源於對造型的到位和意境的要求,我們又不滿足所謂的寸頭(即有一些淺淺的 髮根長度,還可以算是一種髮型)因為我們想藝術化的呈現他少林弟子的生活經歷。把 那段寒窗苦練的歲月刻進他的影像記憶。最後的結果當然是他不管不顧,捨棄 一切包袱,讓萬千煩惱絲落地。當然,這個造型也是所有造型裡我最 喜歡的一個。讓他刀刻猶如雕塑般的筋肉線條和他硬朗的 氣質,硬氣的作風和硬核的精神水乳交融,完 美契合!

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Additional Information
    Content #Full Nudity, #Non Full Frontal, #With Underwear, #Butt, #Men Art
    Category Combo Package
    Country China
    Year 2021
    Director R2 任壬
    Cast No
    Language No
    Subtitle No
    Viewing Option Online Streaming
    Duration 00:03:56
    Resolution 720P
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