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Jail House Rock 1 监狱风云 1 - Video (Part 3/4)

Jail House Rock 1 监狱风云 1 - Video (Part 3/4)

Quick Overview

Because of the Coronavirus, Parker who works as a nurse in a hospital had gone without sleep for 3 days and yet still had to be house in a hotel away from his family for the period. His roommate was the notoriously gay supervisor Samuel Siau whom every guy in the ward has been trying to avoid. However, Parker did not want to kick up a fuss over roommate arrangement at this period of time where death is on the line.

After finally ending his shift, Parker finally get to rest. While good to know that his roommate Samuel is on shift and won’t be back till it was time for him to wake up, he knows he will be alone in the room. After a warm shower, he simply slept in his undies, knocking out into deep sleep within seconds.
In the middle of the night, as he slept soundly, unaware that his roommate Samuel had his shift cut short because his ward patient had discharged and gone home. He was allowed to return for rest. While Parker slept, Samuel snugged in to give him a blow job until arousal. The feeling was so good that Parker didn’t border to put up a fight and continue to sleep. The feeling of being given a blow job as one is in deep slumber was simply arrestingly good.
Samuel took the sign that Parker did not put up a fight as a go ahead to carry on. Samuel could hear Parker moaning faintly while pretending to sleep and proceeded to ass fucked him. There was some discomfort at being fucked but Samuel was so good at relaxing his ass hole that when he slipped his penis in, there was minimal pain. Parker was simply to tired and choose to play dead while Samuel manipulated him like a sex toy.

At the end of the session, Parker continued on his slumber a much more relax state, having his sexual chakra tension released indefinitely by Samuel. In fact, he was glad that Samuel was his roommate and looked forward to the next encounter.

The End

由于冠狀病毒,在醫院當護士的Parker已經三天沒好好睡了,但在這段時間裡,為了家人的安全,他得住在旅館裡。 他的室友是位出櫃的同性戀领班叫Samuel Siau,醫院裡的男同事因為都有份被他騷擾過的經驗,所以都盡量避免Samuel。 但是,在死亡臨近的這段時間裡,Parker不想為了室友安排不妥,把事鬧大,麻煩到主管。

結束了他的工作後,Parker終於可以好好休息了。 得知室友需要上夜班,Parker很高興他可以安詳睡一覺,Parker知道等他醒來的時候, Samuel才会回來。当他知道自己將獨自在房間裡,Parker把戒心放下。 洗完澡後,他只穿上內褲,幾秒鐘內就進入了深睡眠。
午夜時分,他睡得很熟,沒有意識到室友Samuel的換班時間縮短了,因為病房的病人已經出院回家了。 他被允許返回休息。 Parker睡覺時,Samuel 竟然替他口交,直到被喚醒。 因为那種感覺真好,所以Parker装不知,繼續睡覺。 在沉睡中,被人口交的感覺簡直太舒服了!
Samuel有觀察到Parker其實是在半睡,但也不防抗為同意讓他繼續为他口交。 在假裝入睡的時候,Samuel聽到Parker微微的叫床,知道Parker已經不可自拔的時候,就開始雞姦他。 雖然被雞姦有點痛,不過Samuel就有辦法讓Parker放鬆自己的股門,以至於當他把陰莖滑進去時,疼痛視乎沒有。 當Samuel越操越猛,簡直把Parker当性玩具一樣操縱時,Parker只還是疲倦到選擇裝死。
噴射解放後,Parker繼續保持著沉睡的狀態,Samuel替他釋放了他的性脈輪張力。 實際上,他很高興Samuel是他的室友,並期待下一次相遇。

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Additional Information
    Content No
    Category Photobook Video
    Country No
    Year 2020
    Director Style House
    Cast No
    Language Chinese
    Subtitle Chinese , English
    Viewing Option Online Streaming
    Duration 00:09:22
    Resolution 720P
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