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JAIL HOUSE ROCK 2 - Good Morning Teacher 监狱风云之監獄風雲 2之老师早 Part 3- (Video)

JAIL HOUSE ROCK 2 - Good Morning Teacher 监狱风云之監獄風雲 2之老师早 Part 3- (Video)

Quick Overview

Story 3: Good Morning Teacher

Teo Beng Hua was a closet gay who found his 15 years old student he was tutoring very cute. Unknown to Teo, his student William is not as innocent as he looks. One day while he was tutoring William at the boy’s home. William on pretext of dropping his pen, crawled underneath the table and started seducing him, by unbuckling his pants to give him a blow job. Unable to control his love for his gay student, Teo had sex with him. When Teo was fucking him, the boy’s father came home unannounced and caught them in the act. To safe guard himself, the boy screamed and accused Teo of forcing himself on him if not he will beat him up. The boy father called the police and Teo was arrested.

監獄風雲 2之老师早

Teo是一個未出櫃的同性戀者,他發現他15歲的學生William非常可愛。不 為人知,他的學生William並不像他看起來那樣天真。 有一天,他正在 William家補習時。 William以掉筆為藉口,爬到桌子底下,勾引Teo, 為他 解開褲子給他口交。 Teo無法控制對William的性诱惑,因此與他發生性關 係。 當Teo操他的時候,William的父親剛巧回来,目睹他們在做愛。 為了 保護自己,William尖叫著並指責Teo强奸他。 因此William父親報案,Teo 就被捕。Teo因跟未成年兒童有性关系被判入狱10年。

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Additional Information
    Content N/A
    Category Photobook Video
    Country No
    Year 2020
    Director Style House
    Cast No
    Language Chinese
    Subtitle Chinese , English
    Viewing Option Online Streaming
    Duration 00:10:47
    Resolution 720P
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