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JAIL HOUSE ROCK 2 - Nightmare 监狱风云 2 之 恶梦 (Ebook+Video)

JAIL HOUSE ROCK 2 - Nightmare 监狱风云 2 之 恶梦 (Ebook+Video)

Quick Overview

This is part 2 of Jail House Rock. This time round, Arif K who was jailed and on trial for the murder of his classmate William has been put in the same cell as Teo Beng Hua (from Jail House Rock 1). On the first night, the nightmare of guilt came for him to ravage him while he was being chained by the neck. Just as his nightmare ended, his cries woke Teo Beng Hua up and both decides to chat through the night about how they ended up in Jail.

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    Language ENGLISH
    Total Pages 100
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