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JAIL HOUSE ROCK 2 - Student Affair 监狱风云之同学恋 Part 2 (Ebook + Video)

JAIL HOUSE ROCK 2 - Student Affair 监狱风云之同学恋 Part 2 (Ebook + Video)

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This is the pictorial book of the above. Its Part 2 of Jail House Rock 2. In Part 1 (Nightmare), Arif K got to know his cell mate Teo Beng Hua, Both chatted through the night, and Arif shared with Teo how he landed himself in Jail.

Arif said he fell in love with William, his classmate. While William was openly gay, Arif didn't want his parents to know about his gay status. One day while revising school work, in the heat of the moment, both made love to each other. After the session, William wanted to be open about their relationship while Arif refused. Both had a slight argument. During the heated debate, Arif shoved William aside a little too hard, unfortunately William fell backwards, hit his head against a shelve and died instantly. Afraid that if he call the police to own up, his parents would come to know about their gay relationship. Hence, decide on impulse to dispose off William's body by chopping it up and dumping it. Unfortunately William's body was discovered and Arif was arrested and charged with murder.

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