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JAIL HOUSE ROCK 2 - Student Affair 监狱风云之同学恋 Part 2 - (Video)

JAIL HOUSE ROCK 2 - Student Affair 监狱风云之同学恋 Part 2 - (Video)

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Note : This title contains 2 Videos, Part 1 & Part 2.

Story 2: Student Affair
Arif was secretly in love with his gay classmate who was never shy to admit he was gay and like Arif a lot. However, Arif was reluctant to come out of the closet to accept his love.
One day after school, his classmate decide to follow Arif home to do homework but they ended up making love passionately. After they are done, his gay classmate suggested to Arif that they should make their status known in school so that the girls will stay away from Arif who was a popular school athlete. However Arif was unwilling to come out of the closet because he was worried that his parents might find out.
Arif turned hostile at Williams suggestion to announce their relationship so hurriedly chased William out of the house. But William hugged Arif from behind very tightly. Arif in his hase to push William away, shoved him too hard, William fell backwards, hit his head on a shelf and died instantly with a cracked skull. In the state of panic, Arif thought that if he call the police, his parents will definitely know he is gay and he would also be in trouble for his classmate death. So Arif decide to get rid of his friend’s body. Arif carried the body to the bathroom, with the intention to dismember it and disposed it in trash bags. However, while washing his friends naked body, Arif got arouse and had sex with his friend dead body. He kept apologising and crying while fucking his friend’s body. After that, he dispose his body.
However, the bags of body was soon discovered, and Arif was arrested and charged with murder.

監獄風雲 2之同學戀

放學後的一天,William跟隨Arif回家做作業,但他們最終熱情地做愛。 完事之後,William向Arif建議,他們應該公開他們在一起的身份,以便讓女孩遠離受歡迎的學校運動員Arif。 Arif卻不願,因為怕父母知道會對他失望。
Arif對Williams的提議懷有敵意,宣布他們的關係,於是匆匆將William趕出了家。 但是William卻緊緊地從後面擁抱了阿里夫。 Arif急忙將William推開
,並且也會為William的死亡惹來麻煩。 因此,Arif決定擺脫William的遺體。 Arif將屍體運送到浴室,目的是將其分解並將其放在垃圾袋中。 但是
,在清洗William的裸露身體時,Arif被激起並與朋友的屍體發生性關係。在操他朋友的身體時,他一直道歉和哭泣。 在那之後,他處置了他的身體。

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Additional Information
    Content N/A
    Category Photobook Video
    Country No
    Year 2020
    Director Style House
    Cast No
    Language Chinese
    Subtitle Chinese , English
    Viewing Option Online Streaming
    Duration 00:17:37
    Resolution 720P
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