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Kidnapped 绑架 Book No. 11 (VIDEO)

Kidnapped 绑架 Book No. 11 (VIDEO)

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The van booth door swings open, bundled in the booth is Boon Chuan. He guessed that he had been kidnapped because he offended someone in face book. Clad only in his underwear, gagged and bound, Boon Chuan’s body was smeared with grease and sweat from being confined to the sweltering hot van booth for hours. Throughout the trip, the kidnapper did not utter a word so he guessed he must be operating alone. Boon Chuan was pulled out from the Van and dragged into a forested area. With his arms and legs bound, Boon Chuan was defenceless. When the kidnapper left for a moment, Boon Chuan felt a moment of relieve thinking that they just want to dump him there to the elements and at least they are not going to harm him. As he looked up towards the sky, he could only see rustling bamboos swaying in the fading sun. Boon Chuan was weak from dehydration but still struggled to try to free himself with all his remaining strength. Moments later, the kidnapper returned, without a word, he pulled down his underwear and begin groping and stroking his penis. Being sensitive to touch, Boon Chuan erected easily sending waves of sensation down his body. Boon Chuan was expecting the worst, pleaded with a “No!” with his hoarse voice, but the gag was tight so he only manage to produced muffled noises through it. The stroking was pleasuring and managed to helped Boon Chuan relaxed his body. Boon Chuan was mentally prepared that he might be raped and as expected, the kidnapper lifted his legs, and plunge his penis into Boon Chuan’s tight ass hole. The pain of being fucked with any lubricant was excruciating. Boon Chuan was squealing in pain through his gagged mouth as the ass probing got deeper. He could feel the kidnapper huge penis of at least 7 inches entering his colon and hitting his abdominal wall with each thrusting liken to an alien trying to burst out from his belly. The rape soon turned to pleasure when Boon Chuan stopped struggling and relax his ass. The kidnapper even turned him around and fucked him doggy style. Soon Boon Chuan was moaning with pleasure. Boon Chuan could feel the kidnapper blow his load inside his gut and he definitely hoped the kidnapper was not HIV positive. After the kidnapper was done, Boon Chuan thought the ordeal was over but was surprised the kidnapper even cared to jerked him off to relieve him off his build up sexual tension. Boon Chuan can’t deny that he felt good. After the ordeal, he kidnapper simply left him to the elements. Boon Chuan lay naked on the forest floor till day break. The surprising fact was he didn’t realise his bounding straps had loosen over the night from the constant struggle. He managed to free himself and walked naked aimlessly for a day in the forest before he reached a dirt road that led him out of the forest. END


貨車的后箱門被打開,裝在后箱中的是汶川。 他猜測自己被綁架是因為他 冒犯了臉書中的某人。 汶川的身體只穿著內衣,嘴巴被塞住,手脚被捆綁。汶川被困在悶熱的貨 車廂中數小時,身上沾滿了油脂和汗水。 在整個旅途中,綁匪一言不發, 所以他猜測只是一個人在办案。 文川從貨車中被拖入林區。 文川手脚被捆绑所以束手無策,無力防禦。 當綁匪離開片刻後,文川感到輕鬆了片刻,以為他們只是想把他丟在森林 里而已,无心要傷害他。 他挡在地上望着天空時,他只看到沙沙作響的竹 子在夕陽下搖曳。 文川雖然身體虛弱,但仍然用尽所有剩餘的力量努力掙 脫。 片刻之後,綁匪者一言不發地回來了,他拉下汶川的內褲,開始摸索撫摸 汶川的陰莖。由於對觸摸敏感,汶川豎起後很容易在自己的身體上散發出 一陣感覺。文川猜測綁匪即將會強姦他,所以拼命懇求!但因他聲音嘶啞 ,嘴巴又被堵住,所以他只能發出微微的悶叫聲。 撫摸一整子,成功地幫助汶川放鬆身體。汶川在心理上已做好準備,可能 會遭到強姦。果然如他所預料,綁匪抬起他雙腿,將陰莖伸入汶川的屁股 洞。與任何潤滑劑性交的痛是無法形容。 當綁匪把營具插入汶川肛門時,汶川只能通過他被塞住的嘴巴发出疼痛尖 叫。他可以感覺到綁匪的7英寸陰莖進入他結腸,撞向腹壁,每次刺入都 比作試圖從他的腹部突然爆發的外星人一样。當汶川停止掙扎並放鬆他的 屁股時,強姦很快就變成了高潮。綁匪甚至把他轉過身,用狗式操他。很 快,文川進入了性高潮。 汶川可以感觉到綁匪把精液射入他腸子裡,可汶川那时只希望綁匪不是愛 之病患者。綁匪做完爱後,汶川本以強姦已經結束,但感到驚訝的是,綁 匪還替他打飛機來替他解放。汶川既然不能否認他感覺很好。 完事之後, 綁匪把汶川留在森林裡自身自滅。 文川赤裸裸地躺在森林地上直到天亮。 令人驚訝的事實是,他沒有意識到 自己的束縛帶在整夜的掙扎中以鬆動。 他輕易的解放自己,在森林裡裸奔 了一天,然後才到達一條將他帶出森林的土路。 完

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Additional Information
    Content N/A
    Category Photobook Video
    Country No
    Year 2020
    Director Style House
    Cast No
    Language Chinese
    Subtitle Chinese , English
    Viewing Option Online Streaming
    Duration 00:06:18
    Resolution 720P
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