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[MOVIE] Amphetamine (Eng Sub)

[MOVIE] Amphetamine (Eng Sub)

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Their relationship is complicated by Kafka's erratic behaviour, stemming from habitual abuse of amphetamine. Also a contributing factor is his impotence, which can be attributed to when he was violently gang-raped by three men, and sodomised with a wooden stick, after saving their original target, a woman.

After the death of his mother, Kafka goes into a tailspin, raping Daniel's best friend, Linda, and flooding his and Daniel's apartment. When Daniel tries to console Linda, the two end up having sex, and Kafka sees them.

The next morning, Daniel does amphetamine with Kafka, and Kafka confesses that despite everything he's done wrong, he still loves Daniel. Daniel affirms their relationship by asking Kafka to return to Australia with him, where they can get married, but Kafka asks for more time.

At Daniel's going away party, Kafka is stripped totally naked, painted with silver body paint and calligraphy, and given large, white angel wings to wear (an image which is seen at the beginning of the film). He then jumps off of the balcony of the apartment, attempting to fly, but escapes mostly uninjured.

When he wakes up and doesn't see Daniel, Kafka escapes from the hospital and looks for him on the bridge they visited on their first date. Distraught and hallucinating from detox, he jumps off the bridge, into the still-frozen water and dies, with his final thoughts being those of him and Daniel, together and swimming.


Byron Pang as Kafka

Tom Price as Daniel

Linda So as May

Winnie Leung as Linda

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Additional Information
    Content No
    Category Movies
    Country Hong Kong
    Year 2008-2011
    Director Scud
    Cast Byron Pang as Kafka ,Tom Price as Daniel, Linda So as May ,Winnie Leung as Linda
    Language Chinese
    Subtitle English
    Viewing Option Online Streaming
    Duration 1:36:50
    Resolution 720P
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