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MUTE BOY 哑巴男孩 Book No. 09 (Video)

MUTE BOY 哑巴男孩 Book No. 09 (Video)

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A shabbily dressed Mute boy squatting by the alley stared intently at the sandwich breakfast William was carrying, as if he hadn’t eaten for days. As William walked along, Mute boy followed him closely behind for a few streets. Noticing he had been followed, William stop in his track, turn around to confront Mute boy, thinking Mute boy was up to no good, instead found out Mute boy was just hungry and wanted the sandwich breakfast. Sensing that Mute boy seems a bit dim witted, William lowered his guard and compassion took over. He assumed that Mute boy must be very hungry and have no money for food. Vincent offered his sandwich to the young boy with outstretched arms. Mute boy grabbed it with not a word of thank you and hungrily wolf down the sandwich, coughing and choking a few times. Taking pity on the poor boy, William thought that it might not be enough, so offered to buy him a meal. William signal for Mute boy to follow him to his home. As they sat across each other eating lunch, William found out that this young boy is mute but can somehow understand what he was saying from lip reading. After the hot meal, assuming that this mute boy might be homeless. As he looks filthy and smelly, William offered to give him a shower. From his body smell, he looked like he hadn’t bathe for a few days. Vincent passed him a towel, and gestured for him to wash up in the bathroom by pointing towards it. However, the mute boy stood still and didn’t seems to know what to do. Thinking that he might be a dim wit with the intelligence of a child, William guided him to the bathroom to help him wash up. When William showered Mute boy, he realised that his teenage body was lean and fatless, with his abs looking like marbles. William is gay so he did have an erection which he tried to hide in his loose shorts upon seeing this boy’s nude torso. Putting aside his urges, William shampooed him and soap him. Like a little boy, he started to play with his bubble foam while William scrubbed away like his mother. While towel drying Mute boy, William noticed Mute boy was spotting an erection. As he wipes near his crouch, Mute boy grabs his hands towards his erect penis as if to signal he wanted sex. Taking that as a sign, William proceeded to give him a blow job. The blow job led to sex. William directed the boy to spread his legs and bend downwards, then inserted his hard penis into his hole. The boy yelp with pleasure at each thrust. The thrusting became rhythmic with Mute boy moaning in ecstasy. As the sexual tryst came to an end, it suddenly occurred to William that Mute boy may have been someone’s sex slave who got lost. END


一個穿著破舊衣服的啞巴男孩蹲在巷子裡,凝視著William攜帶的三明治早 餐,好像他已經好幾天沒吃東西了。 William走著時,哑巴男孩緊跟著他走了幾條街。William注意到了他被跟踪 ,便停下了腳步,轉身面對哑巴男孩,以為啞巴男孩不怀好意,反而發現 啞巴男孩只是餓了,想要他手里的三明治早餐。William感覺到啞巴男孩似 乎很可憐,于是放下了警衛,反而同情起他。他認為哑巴男孩一定很餓, 沒有錢吃飯。就把自己的三明治早餐給了啞巴男孩。沉默的啞巴男孩一言 不發地接过三明治早餐,然後狼吞虎咽的把三明治吃了。 William憐憫這個可憐的男孩,以為他可能還不夠吃,於是主動提出要給他 買飯。William示意啞巴男孩跟隨他回家。 當他們坐着吃便当時,William發現這個小男孩是哑巴,但可以通過口頭閱 讀理解他的話。 吃完熱飯後,William想這位啞巴男孩可能無家可歸。William看他身體又髒 又臭,他主動給他洗個澡。從他身上的氣味,他看起來好像已經幾天沒洗 澡了。William拿一條毛巾给哑巴男孩,然後指向浴室叫他去洗澡。但是, 啞巴男孩却站著不動,似乎不知道該怎麼辦。William想可能他才智还只是 个小孩子,不会自己洗澡,于是便帮他洗澡。 當William給啞巴男孩洗完澡時,他注意到啞巴男孩的身體還蛮精壮的。 William是同性戀,所以他確實勃起,在看到這個男孩的裸體軀乾後,他試 圖躲在寬鬆的短褲中。 撇開他的衝動,William給他洗澡。像一個小男孩一樣,他開始玩泡泡沫, 而William像他母親一樣擦洗着。 當William用毛巾擦乾啞巴男孩時,William注意到啞巴男孩正在勃起。當他 在擦乾啞巴男孩的私密部位時,啞巴男孩把William的手拉向他勃起的陰莖 ,彷彿在暗示他想要做愛。William以此為標誌,便給他口交。口交導致了 性行為。 William指示啞巴男孩展開雙腿並向下彎曲,然後將硬陰莖插入洞中。這使 啞巴男孩痛到在狂喜中叫春。 隨著性愛的終結,William突然發現,啞巴男孩可能是某人迷路的性奴。

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Additional Information
    Content N/A
    Category Photobook Video
    Country No
    Year 2020
    Director Style House
    Cast No
    Language Chinese
    Subtitle Chinese , English
    Viewing Option Online Streaming
    Duration 00:12:45
    Resolution 720P
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