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My Step Father 2

Peter came from a single parent family, his father passed away from a road accident while he was barely 2 years old. Growing up, he never had any impression of fatherly love except for his mother who spend most of the time working to make ends meet. At 9 years old, her mum remarried to a younger man and he got on pretty well with his Step-father, Jefferson. Jefferson was quite a hot looking guy for someone in his mid-30s when they got hitched. However, the unfortunate thing happened when Peter was 15 years old, his mother passed away from ovarian cancer. Before his mother passed away, she left some money for him but made Jefferson promised to take care of him until he turns 21 years. Tasked with the responsibility of guardianship, Jefferson really took his promise to the woman he loves to heart, he showered Peter with lots of care. With only the 2 of them having each other for companionship, they would watch movie together, go jogging together and sometimes even shower together after the run. Over a period of a year, just when Peter turn 16 years old, Peter and him started an illicit affair between Step-father and Step-son. One fine day after coming back from a jog, Jefferson headed straight for a shower, then laid on the couch for a nap while Peter had his shower. When Peter got out of the bathroom, Jefferson was already sound asleep. When Peter got out of his shower draped only in his towel, he noticed that Jefferson was fast asleep on the couch, his bathrobe has gotten lose and one side fell off his waist showing the profile of his butt. A big bulge at Jefferson’s crouch got Peter curious. Out of curiosity, he crept close, lifted the side of the bathrobe that is hiding Jefferson’s modesty to check out his size. As he did so, Jefferson’s hand suddenly grabbed his wrist. He thought he had lots of embarrassing explanation to do but to his surprise, Jefferson’s pulled his hands to allow him to touch his penis. The soft warm touch of Jefferson’s penis feels funny at first but it soon hardens into a hard rod. The thought that Jefferson wanted him to stroke his penis kind of reduced the embarrassment that initially build up and soon Peter was bolden to stroke it at will. Peter soon had an erection himself, Jefferson pulled Peter’s young body towards him and started kissing his belly. Peter didn’t stop him but instead moan with pleasure as a form of silent approval. Jefferson release the Peter’s towel knot and his towel fell to the floor exposing Peter’s hard erect dick. Jefferson went down on Peter and the teen boy enjoyed that moment, it’s a feeling he never had before and he loved it. The blow job moved to the dining table, with Peter sitting on the table naked while Jefferson sat on the chair eating and swallowing his rod. They moved to the bed, Peter laid down, hair still a little wet and Jefferson’s was naked and on top. Jefferson licked and suckle Peter’s nipples, sending waves of excitement down Peter’s spine. The feeling was so good, Peter started to shiver with arousal and moan to the rhythm. Then moved on the suck and rim Peter till Peter was moaning in unison. Jefferson asked Peter if he wanted to experience being fucked and warn him it might be a bit painful. Peter neither agree nor disagree but just allow Jefferson to go on without stopping him. Jefferson spread his legs, applied lube to Peter’s hole and fingered it. The feeling was a little uncomfortable but bearable. When Jefferson thought Peter was ready, he asked Peter to sit on his hard dick to slide it up his hole. Peter gingerly slide Jefferson’s dick in while bearing the initial pain but soon the pain turned to pleasure. Soon Peter was enjoying the feeling. That feeling felt like he needed to pee but yet not. Soon Peter had an erection again when Jefferson thrusts quickens. Jefferson’s sexual tension soon build up and his thrusting became rhythmic and Peter soon break into moans that paced with Jefferson’s thrust. When they had enough, Jefferson masturbated both his and Peter’s dick together. Peter came first followed by Jefferson who shot his load high and into Peter’s face, eliciting giggles from Peter due to amazement. This was Peter’s first sexual experience, losing his virginity to the man who used to be his Step-father. Now, their status became lovers. END


Peter來自一個單親家庭,父親不到兩歲就死於交通事故。長大後,他從未對父愛有任何印象,除了他的母親大部分時間都在工作以維持生計。 9歲時,他的媽媽改嫁給了一個比她年輕的帥哥,他與繼父Jefferson相處得很好。Jefferson娶母親時才35歲,樣子很帥气。但是,不幸的事情發生在Peter 15歲那年,他的母親死於卵巢癌。在母親去世之前,她為他留了一些錢,但讓Jefferson答應照顧他,直到他滿21歲。Jefferson肩負著監護的重任,真的向他心愛的女人承諾了自己的諾言,他為Peter付出了很多照顧。他們只有兩個人互相陪伴,他們會一起看電影,一起慢跑,有時甚至在跑步後一起洗澡。Peter滿16歲那年,Peter和他開始了繼父與繼子之間的非法戀情。 慢跑回來後的一個美好的一天,Jefferson直奔淋浴,然後在Peter沖涼的時候躺在沙發上小睡了一會。Peter冲完凉後,Jefferson已經睡著了。當Peter從淋浴間出來時,只圍著毛巾走出來,他注意到Jefferson在沙發上睡著了,他的浴袍一側從腰部掉下來,露出了臀部的輪廓。Jefferson臥虎藏龍的大凸起讓Peter感到好奇。 出於好奇,他悄悄靠近,抬起浴袍的一面,好奇的只想看看Jefferson的營具有多大。這樣做時,Jefferson的手突然抓住了他的手腕。他認為自己要做很多尷尬的解釋,但令他驚訝的是,Jefferson拉住他的手讓他觸摸陰莖。起初,Jefferson陰莖的柔軟的觸感讓人覺得很有趣,但很快就變硬了。Jefferson這舉動減少了最初的尷尬,很快Peter就大膽地隨意撫摸了它。 Peter也隨著很快就勃起,Jefferson將Peter身體拉向他,開始親吻他的肚子。 Peter併沒有阻止他,而是隨他配合著,作為一種默默的認同。 Jefferson鬆開彼得的毛巾結,隨它掉在地上,露出Peter的直立雞巴。 Jefferson跟Peter進行口交,而Peter此刻享受著那一刻,這是他從未有過的感覺,而且他喜歡。 吹塑工作移到了餐桌上,Peter赤裸地坐在桌子上,而Jefferson坐在椅子上狼吞Peter的吊。 他們做愛从桌子移到床上,Jefferson趴在Peter裸露身體上面。 Jefferson舔舔並吮吸Peter的乳頭,使Peter發出一陣興奮, 感覺好極了。 然後繼續为Peter口交和肛交,直到Peter發出春叫聲。 Jefferson問Peter是否想體驗肛交,並警告他可能會有點痛苦。Peter既不同意也沒拒絕,只是允許Jefferson繼續前進而不阻止他。Jefferson搬開Peter雙腿,在Peter的肛门洞上塗上潤滑劑,然後用手指插进肛门。感覺有點不舒服但还可以忍受。當Jefferson認為Peter準備好了時,他請Peter坐在他的硬吊上,將它滑进他肛门洞去。 Peter在承受最初的痛苦的同時小心翼翼地滑入Jefferson的陰莖,但很快痛苦就變成了快樂。Peter很快就享受了這種感覺。這種感覺就像他需要撒尿,但不是。很快,當Jefferson的推力加快時,Peter又再次勃起。 Jefferson在超Peter的動作變成一种節奏,而Peter的春叫声也随着Jefferson的節奏發出。當他們前戲享受夠之後,Jefferson將自己和Peter的雞巴一起自慰。Peter先射,Jefferson緊隨其後將他的精子高高地射到了Peter的臉上,由於驚訝而引起Peter的咯咯笑聲。 這是Peter的第一次性經歷,他失去了處男的身份給予一位曾經是他的繼父的男人。从此他們的身份變成了戀人。 完

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    Content N/A
    Category Photobook Video
    Country No
    Year 2020
    Director Style House
    Cast No
    Language Chinese
    Subtitle Chinese , English
    Viewing Option Online Streaming
    Duration 00:08:47
    Resolution 720P
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