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MY STEP FATHER 3 我的继父三 02 (Video)

MY STEP FATHER 3 我的继父三 02 (Video)

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#Full Nudity, #Full Frontal, #With Underwear, #Anal, #Uncensored, #Erect, #Dick

Evil Step Father
End of the day before bed time, like all 15 years old with raging hormones, Peter showered and masturbated in the shower to relieve himself off the day’s sexual tension. Then crawled into bed and almost immediately was in deep slumberland.
A while later, his room door creaked open. Heavy uneven footsteps could be heard walking towards him. His Step Father John was home drunk as a skunk, he entered Peter’s bed room, put down his can of beer on the table. Removed his tie and used it to tie Peter’s hands together while Peter was still deep in slumber and unaware.
John jumped on Peter body pinning him to his bed with his weight and jolted Peter awoke. Shocked, Peter opened his mouth wanting to asked what’s going on but John muffled him with his hands, lean forward and started touching him inappropriately. Still in shock, Peter wanted to pushed him away but his step father was too big for him to over power. John in his drunken stupor started kissing and necking him all over.
With one hand, John removed Peter’s underwear and used it to gagged Peter. Then proceeded to go down on Peter, including rimming his ass. By now, Peter kind of stop struggling as violently and seems to be enjoying the domination.
John removed his under pants exposing his throbbing dick and rammed it hard into Peter’s ass hole, eliciting a scream of pain from Peter. Peter struggled and screamed in pain but the pain soon turned to pleasure when John’s fucking rhythm intensifies.
When John finally released his load on Peter chest, Peter has already given up on fighting, instead lay naked sobbing from the incestuous rape ordeal and guilt because he actually enjoyed the sex domination.

John用一隻手脫下了Peter的內褲,並用它塞住Peter的嘴,阻止Peter叫喊。然後繼續性侵犯Peter,包括用舌尖舔他肛門。過程中Peter 慢下激烈的鬥爭,似乎已經在享受被繼父性侵犯挑釁。

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Additional Information
    Content #Full Nudity, #Full Frontal, #With Underwear, #Anal, #Uncensored, #Erect, #Dick
    Category Photobook Video
    Country Other
    Year 2021
    Director No
    Cast No
    Language Chinese
    Subtitle Chinese , English
    Viewing Option Online Streaming
    Duration 00:09:21
    Resolution 720P
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