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Neko Love (VIDEO)

Neko Love (VIDEO)

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SATO is a very introverted guy who spends most of his time alone. One day after coming home from work, SATO picked up his pet cat TARO, lifted him up and spoke to it. “ Hi Taro! I am so lonely! If only you are human, I will fall in love with you and make love to you daily.” SATO didn’t think much about what he said to TARO as it was just pet talk and went ahead to make himself a coffee. While SATO was focus on making coffee, he heard a “Miao” sound, felt someone hug his waist which gave him a shock. As he turned over, he realised TARO had turned into a guy and stood naked before him. TARO without inhibition proceeded to seduce SATO by caressing him and stripping him. SATO just went with the flow as he somehow felt very comfortable with TARO’s foreplay. TARO went down on SATO and soon both of them was making love wildly on bed. When the sex was over, both slept nude next to each other. Next day, when SATO woke up naked on his bed, TARO had turned back into a cat. SATO picked him up and said to TARO. “Thank you!” THE END


SATO是一個非常內向的人,大部分時間都是自己度過的。下班回家的一天,SATO拿起 了他的寵物貓TARO,將他抬起並跟它說話。嗨,TARO!我很寂寞!如果你是人類,我 就會愛上你,然后每天都跟你做愛。” SATO對他對TARO所說的話並沒有多想,因為這只是在跟寵物聊天,然後繼續為自己準 備咖啡。當SATO專注於煮咖啡時,他聽到了 “苗” 的聲音,感到有人抱住他的腰,這使 他感到震驚。當他翻过身時,他意識到TARO變成了一個男人,赤裸裸地站在他面前。 TARO無拘無束地撫摸SATO和跟他脫衣服。 SATO也隨它意,因為他對TARO的前戲感到 很自在。 TARO給SATO口交,然后他們倆就在床上瘋狂地做愛。做爱結束後,兩個人 都裸睡在一起。 第二天,當SATO赤裸裸地在床上醒來時,TARO已经變会了貓。SATO把它抱起來,對 TARO說。 “謝謝!” 完

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Additional Information
    Content N/A
    Category Photobook Video
    Country No
    Year 2020
    Director Style House
    Cast No
    Language Chinese
    Subtitle Chinese , English
    Viewing Option Online Streaming
    Duration 00:13:28
    Resolution 720P
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