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PENIS TREE 屌树 Book No. 16 (Ebook + Video)

PENIS TREE 屌树 Book No. 16 (Ebook + Video)

Quick Overview

This Combo Package include 
Ebook : 133 Pages
Video : 5:13 Minutes 

Penis Tree

Alric was a celebrity influencer who went for an outdoor photo shoot in the outback with his photographer friend John. Alric was dressed in Red Indian costume and for reality sake, was not wearing underwear. As they explore, John videoed Alric while Alric talked and walked along like a season host exploring the outback. While exploring a vacant house, they chance upon a tree with an extended branch that looks like a penis. Amuse by the sight, Alric asked John to help him take a photo with the tree. The photo taking was brief and then both proceeded to get ready for the video log they wanted to shoot. Suddenly Alric as if in a tranced started behaving weirdly, totally not himself and very playful. He started to caress himself sexually, walked unsteadily towards John, waved his erect penis at John and asked John to fuck his ass. Alric even performed very sexy moves as if trying to seduce John, much to John amazement who started to record his weird behavior. Flashing his naked ass hole, Alric said “John! Come fucked me!” Alric weird behaviour caught John by surprised and at first John thought Alric was trying to prank scare him but the more he observed, the situation don’t seem right. John sat Alric down for a rest and saw that Alric’s life force seems to be draining away by the minutes. Alric started begging: “Please fuck me!” and occasionally a commanding voice comes out ordering John to fuck him. Looking at Alric expression, John suspected Alric may be cursed by supernatural forces and got worried. He helped Alric positioned himself against the wall, quickly pulled down his pants and fucked Alric in the ass without any lube. Alric started to moan with pleasure immediately as if he didn’t feel any pain. Then he started masturbating himself until he blew his huge load against the wall. The moment he blew his load, as if he just woke up from a coma, he felt a sharp pain in his ass. He turned around and saw a semi-naked John with his pants down. Realising he had been fucked, Alric raged in anger. Alric said aloud: “WTF John! You fucked me!” John was lost for words. Alric started changing out of his costume and left in a huff, feeling both angry and embarrassed at the same time. As Alric walked off, the Penis tree stood erected in the background. END


Alric是一位很有知名度的网紅,他與他的攝影師朋友John在戶外攝影。 Alric穿著印第安人服裝,而且為了能入角,他索性不穿內褲。 在探索過程中,John一边錄製,而Alric則像專業主持人一边走着,一边在为粉丝介绍场景。 在探索一處空置房屋時,他們偶然發現一棵樹,樹上的樹枝看起來像陰莖。 眼前的景像很有趣,Alric要求John幫他和那棵樹合影。 照相很簡短,然後兩人都準備好拍攝他們的視頻記錄。 突然,Alric彷彿陷入了困境,開始表現得很怪異,完全不是他本人,而且非常好玩。 他開始對自己進行性愛撫,不穩定地朝John走去,向John揮舞勃起的陰莖,並要求John操他的屁股。 Alric甚至做出了非常性感的舉動,好像在試圖勾引John一樣,這讓John驚訝地開始記錄他的怪異行為。 閃過他赤裸的屁股洞,Alric說:“John! 快來操我!” Alric怪異的舉動使John感到驚訝,最初John認為Alric試圖惡作劇嚇他,但他觀察一整子,覺得情況似乎有点不對。 John讓Alric坐下來休息一下,發現Alric的生命氣息似乎在慢慢消失。 Alric開始乞求: “請操我!” 偶爾會發出命令性的聲音命令John操他。 看著Alric的表情,John懷疑Alric可能被外靈干擾並感到擔心。 他扶Alric靠在牆上,迅速拉下褲子,在沒有用潤滑油的情況下操Alric的屁股。 Alric立即開始興奮的叫春,好像屁股沒有感到任何痛。 然後他開始自慰,直到將精子射向到牆上。 當Alric一射出時,他好像從昏迷中醒來一樣,他感到自己的屁股劇烈疼痛。 他轉過身來,看到一個半裸的John,褲子鬆了下來。 意識到自己已經被John操了屁股,Alric馬上憤怒起来。 Alric大聲說:“WTF John! 你操我! John一时无言。 Alric開始換下服裝,轉身走人,同時感到生氣和尷尬。 當Alric走開時,屌樹豎立在背景後。

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USD 17.99
USD 17.99
Additional Information
    Content N/A
    Category Combo Package
    Country No
    Year 2020
    Director Style House
    Cast No
    Language Chinese
    Subtitle English
    Viewing Option Online Streaming
    Duration 00:05:13
    Resolution 720P
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