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PENIS TREE 屌树 Book No. 16 (Ebook)

PENIS TREE 屌树 Book No. 16 (Ebook)

Quick Overview

An influencer Alric went on an outdoor video shoot with his friend. At an old house, he saw a tree with a branch that is shaped like a penis and so took pictures with it. Soon after the photo taking, Alric was some what possessed and started to do funny seductive moves and even pleaded with his videographer friend John to fuck him. Sensing that Alric might have been possessed by supernatural forces, the videographer John fucked him. The moment Alric ejaculates, he woke up from the trance with a sharp pain in his ass. Upon seeing a half naked John and realising that he had been fucked. Alric stomp off in anger and embarassment. In the background, the Penis Tree stood still as if nothing had happen.

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    Content N/A
    Language ENGLISH
    Total Pages 133
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