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SEXPERIMENT 2 性实验 2 (Ebook + 4 Videos)

SEXPERIMENT 2 性实验 2 (Ebook + 4 Videos)

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#Full Nudity, #Full Frontal, #Cumshot, #Anal, #Oral, #Butt, #Anus, #Erect, #Dick, #Cum

This Combo Package includes
Ebook : 172 Pages
Video 01 : 13:14 Minutes
Video 02 : 13:27 Minutes
Video 03 : 06:33 Minutes
Video 04 : 02:07 Minutes

Sexperiment 2

Samuel needs money for his university tuition fees and so he decides to participate in a sexperiment on straight guy trying out various forms of gay sex. The sexperiment will be 4 days long and he has to try out different form of gay sex daily. For his effort, he will be paid a tidy sum of $50,000 after the sexperiment.

Day 1: Gay Love
Samuel set on a chair, in a brightly lit room for an interview with the doctor Teo.
Doctor: Hi Samuel! I assume you have read the contract and is agreeable with our terms and conditions; and that you are aware of what you would be subjected to?
Samuel: Yes!
Doctor: It says here you are straight and has never tried gay sex. True?
Samuel: Yes!
Doctor: That’s our most important criteria. Can we get started?
Samuel: Yes!
Doctor: Lie down on the bed.
Samuel laid on the bed as told and the Doctor proceed to have the gentlest gay sex Samuel ever experience.
Gay Sex
After the ordeal.
Doctor: How’s the experience?
Samuel: My ass hurt a lot. But the pre sex especially the blow job and ass licking were mind blowing. Better than I thought.

Day 2: Massage
Doctor: Hi Samuel! How your ass today?
Samuel: Better.
Doctor: Ready for day 2?
Samuel: Yes!
Doctor: Remove your clothes, lie naked on the bed.
When Samuel lay naked on the bed. The Doctor came and gave him the best gay massage he ever had, then sat and ride on his erect dick before fucking him.
Gay Massage
Doctor: How’s the experience this time?
Samuel: The massage was fantastic. Didn’t know being massage on the ass feels so good.

Day 3: Gay Rape
Doctor: Hi Samuel! How’s yesterday experience?
Samuel: Not great man. My ass hole hurts really bad, when I passed motion today, there was a blood in my stool. I think I am bleeding from the inside. Don’t think I can get fuck today.
Doctor: You want to take a break today?
Samuel: Can I?
Doctor: Sure.
As Samuel stood up to leave, the Doctor hit him on the back of the head, knocking Samuel out cold.
The Doctor stripped Samuel and proceeded to fuck Samuel hard until his ass bleed profusely. When Samuel got woken up by the pain, he found himself tied, gagged and screaming in pain.

Day 4: Snuff
Next day, Samuel was still tied and gagged after the rape. He was scared and the Doctor didn’t even let him go home.
When he wakes up, he was dragged to the bath room. Rape until he fainted from the pain. Then the Doctor draw out a knife, slit open his stomach and let Samuel life drain away.

Samuel需要錢支付他的大學學費,所以他決定參加一個性實驗,嘗試各種形式的同性性愛活動。性實驗將持續 4 天,他必須每天嘗試不同形式的同性性愛。參加性實驗過後,他將獲得一筆可觀的 50,000 美元酬勞。

第 1 天:同性戀愛

第 2 天:按摩

第 3 天:強姦

第 4 天:滅絕

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USD 28.99
USD 28.99
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    Content #Full Nudity, #Full Frontal, #Cumshot, #Anal, #Oral, #Butt, #Anus, #Erect, #Dick, #Cum
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    Year 2021
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