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STREET BOY 街男 (Ebook + 2 Video)

STREET BOY 街男 (Ebook + 2 Video)

Quick Overview

This Combo Package include 
Ebook : 120 Pages 
Video 1 : 10:03 Minutes 
Video 2 : 10:15 Minutes 


Jamus ran away from home and he has already spent the last 3 days on the streets. He fished out some change from his pocket and counted them, just enough for a piece of carrot cake. Thirsty, he drank from the tap in public toilet and even washed up there. At night he slept in the park benches under the sky. He was getting hungry after having that last piece of carrot cake but penniless, he can’t do much. He definitely doesn’t want to go back home to see his abusive father. While seating idle in an alley in China Town, he noticed an older guy spying him. The man approached Jamus and offered him money for sex. There, Jamus negotiated $50 for a quickie. They entered a public toilet cubical and did their transaction there. While the passion was not what he expected, it was at least a life line for the money can last him another 3 days and possibly a night in a bag packers lodge. From that day on, Jamus had the idea that he can prostitute himself to get by. One day while sleeping behind a restaurant back yard, the owner invited him to his house and promised to pay him if he did what was requested.


Jamus離家出走,他已經在大街上度過了三天。他從口袋裡掏出一些零錢 ,數了數,只夠买一塊蘿蔔蛋糕。渴了,他從公共廁所的水龍頭里喝水, 甚至在那裡洗身體。到了晚上,他睡在天空下的公園長椅上。 他吃完最後一塊蘿蔔蛋糕後,肚子又餓了,但身無分文,也無能為力。即 使餓也絕對不想回家見他那暴力的父親。 在唐人街的一條小巷裡閒坐時,他注意到一個年紀大的人在監視他。該名 男子走近Jamus並問他願不願意提供性服務。 当下,Jamus跟他以50元成為性交易的酬勞。他們進入了一個公共廁所, 並在那裡進行交易。 儘管激情不是他所期望的,但至少這是一條賺錢的命脈,這筆錢可以讓他 溫飽肚子,甚至可以讓他在背包旅店過一個晚上。從那天起,Jamus有了 一個想法,他可以提供性服務來過日子。 一天, 睡在 一家 餐館 後院時,餐館老闆邀請他去他家,並 說好如果Jamus 願意按照他的要求做事,他會讓他洗澡,請他吃飯,還會付他錢


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    Year 2021
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