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Teen Slave - Video (Part 1 & 2)

Teen Slave - Video (Part 1 & 2)

Quick Overview

This is a pictorial book featuring the on set photos of the model John Chu in an acting role in Teen Slave. Story is about a teenager who was kidnapped and lock in a house for 10 years as a sex slave to his kidnapper and tormentor.

Video Duration :
Part 1 - 5 Mins 38 Secs
Part 2 - 6 Mins 31 Secs

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Teen Slave

Sergio had been chained naked and confined to a small dark store room since he was kidnapped 10 years ago as a teenager. The constant abuse and starvation plus his duty to sexually service his master has reduced him to a timid submissive boy liken to a caged helpless bird. He is now willing to do anything to please his master in exchange for less abuse and food.
The sound of chain and padlock unlocking woke him up, he crawled forward with a chained padlock to his bloody ankles. From afar, a pack of bread wrapped in plastic was tossed to his feet, Sergio hurriedly snatch it over, open it and wolf down hungrily.
After eating, Sergio crawled out from his locked room with chain in tow, towards a pair of legs wearing sarong and proceed to caressed the master loin followed by a blow job for his master.
Master then placed Sergio on a table top and proceeds to suck and ass fucked him. Sergio grimaced in pain which turns into moans of pleasure when the fucking becomes vigorous.
The fucking continues with Sergio lying on his back, he was stroking his own hard dick until he cum on his belly. His master came on his body and face too.
As a reward for his sex services, he was allowed to shower before the door close on him again.

10 Years Ago
15 years old Sergio was like any typical teenager, playful, full of himself and feels so confident about himself that he refused to listen to his father advise. One day, after quarrelling with his father, he ran away from home. Sergio sort help from his friends to stay for a night but was not successful so while sitting along the corridor at night cold and hungry, a stranger offered him to put him up for a night with food for free. Naively thinking that he had met a kind soul, Sergio followed him home only to be drugged raped that very night.
At the kind man’s home, he was offered a bowl of noodles unaware that it has been laced with sleeping drugs. When Sergio was knocked out, he was placed on a bed. His clothes were removed and the supposed kind man turned rapist. He fondled Sergio dick until Sergio had a hard on then proceed to sodomise him. All the while, Sergio lay naked and senseless in bed while his body reacted sensitively to touch.
The rapist spread Sergio’s legs and inserted his penis forcefully into Sergio’s ass, the pain woke Sergio up. Though weak and half awake, Sergio did not put up much struggle.
When the rape was over, Sergio found himself chained naked by the ankle in a shack. When the door was closed on him, he was left screaming in darkness.



自從10年前被綁架以來,Sergio就被赤裸地束縛著,被關在一個黑暗的儲藏室裡。 長時間的毆打和性虐待使他的自我減至一半。 持續的毆打和飢餓加上他得為主人提供服務使他淪為一個膽小的,順從的男孩,就像是一隻籠中的無助鳥。 他現在是一個順從的男孩,他願意為取悅主人而做任何事情,以換取更少的毆打和食物。
鎖鍊和掛鎖解鎖的聲音叫醒了他,他腳踝被鎖鍊掛鎖可他還是向前爬。 從遠處,一包用塑料包裹的麵包被扔到他的面前,Sergio急忙把它搶過來,打開它,狼吞虎咽的把牠吃了。
Sergio躺在背上,慢慢撫摸著自己的硬傢伙,直到他射在自己肚子上。 他的主人也射在他的身體和臉上。

15歲的Sergio,像任何典型的少年一樣,頑皮,充滿活力,對自己充滿信心,从不聽父親的勸告。 有一天,與父親吵架後,他離家出走。 他設法問朋友能不能讓他借宿一晚,可都被拒絕了。他餓著肚子,坐在走廊一整天,一個陌生人因為同情他提議讓他到他家住一晚。 Sergio天真地以為自己遇到了一個善良的貴人,就接受邀請,結果當晚,他被迷奸了。
在人貴的家中,貴人煮了一碗下了迷藥麵給他吃。吃完,Sergio昏睡过去,他被貴人放在床上。 這貴人變色魔,把他的衣服脫掉,撫摸著Sergio的吊,直到Sergio勃起,然後雞姦Sergio。
強姦結束後,Sergio發現自己被棚屋的腳踝束縛住了。 當他關上門時,他在黑暗中尖叫。

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    Content N/A
    Category Photobook Video
    Country No
    Year 2020
    Director Style House
    Cast No
    Language English
    Subtitle Chinese , English
    Viewing Option Online Streaming
    Duration 00:05:38
    Resolution 720P
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