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The Last Night 最后一夜 (Ebook + Video)

The Last Night 最后一夜 (Ebook + Video)

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This Combo Package include 
Ebook : 126 Pages
Video : 9:16 Minutes


Rudy decide to spend a last weekend with his best bud Cash who will be getting married next week. Their friendship started in college dorm and they had been fuck buddies out of convenience since a night where they both got drunk and had sex with each other simply because they were horny and was single then. While Rudy is gay, Cash was not but which guy wouldn’t mind a blow job. For 2 years, it was Rudy who was the proactive sex partner while Cash simply indulge in the passion. After his marriage, Cash will be migrating to Canada with his family and hence they decide to spend the weekend together as a last date to remember. Rudy had been in love with Cash for as long as they know each other while Cash seems indifferent to the relationship, but appreciates the sex he had with Rudy. For a change, this last night together, Cash took the Initiative in sex for the first time to give Rudy something worth remembering. When it was time to part, Rudy finally had the courage to tell Cash he is in love with him but all was too late.


Rudy決定跟他好友Cash度過一个难忘的週末,因为Cash在过一週就要結婚了。他们的亲密友誼是在大學宿舍開始的。就有一夜,因为参加派对喝醉酒,因为性需要跟寂寞,就發生性關係。Rudy是同性戀,但Cash不是,但是在特殊状况下,有哪個人男人会介意谁跟他口交呢? 兩年來,Rudy是那位主動的性伴侶,而Cash只是沉迷於激情。 結婚後,Cash將会移民到加拿大和 他家人一起,因此決定跟Rudy度過最後一个週末作為記憶的回憶。只从第一次见面,Rudy就愛上了Cash,只是不敢跟Cash表白,Cash也對这段交情,似乎漠不關心,也不介意他與Rudy的性關係。 為了给Rudy留下美好回憶,這次Cash第一次性愛主動。 到了分手的時候,Rudy終於鼓起勇氣 告訴Cash他愛上了他,但一切都太晚了。

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Additional Information
    Content N/A
    Category Combo Package
    Country No
    Year 2020
    Director Style House
    Cast No
    Language Chinese
    Subtitle English
    Viewing Option Online Streaming
    Duration 00:09:16
    Resolution 720P
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