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TORTURE 性虐待 PART 1 (Video)

TORTURE 性虐待 PART 1 (Video)

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Tied to the window, Gerard was helpless as fuck. The perpetrator came over, oil his body, squeezed his butt and reached into his under pants to finger probe his ass hole and grabbed his balls sending yelps of pain in the room. In a short while, Gerard face was flush red with desire.
Slowly the tormentor tears apart his underwear to exposed his erect dick. Next a butt plugs and was slipped into his tight ass holes sending screams of pain across the room. After that he was fucked by the perpetrator. Gerard was screaming in pain. Then the perpetrator fucked him until he shoots his load on the wall.
At the end of the session, the perpetrator said times up, switched on the lights. Told Gerard the session was over and asked him to pay up. Gerard said: “So fast, thought it should have been longer?” The perpetrator said, pointing to the watch. My watch said 1 hour. Times up!
Gerard begged him to carry on torture him till he experiences near death. He would be willing to pay $10,000.
The perpetrator switched off the lights, take a string and started strangling him from behind until Gerard choked and fainted. Next the perpetrator pressed against his lower abdomen as if to check for a vital point then disembowelled him. Gerard was woken up by the sharp pain and scream in pain. The perpetrator reached into his lower abdomen, pulled out some of his intestines and left them hanging out. When he sensed that Gerard had had enough, he switched on the lights, released Gerard and helped him sit on the bloodied floor. Gerard clutched his spilled-out intestines and ask the Perpetrator to help himself to the cash cheque in the drawer. Before the perpetrator left, he told Gerard he had helped him called an ambulance to send him to Victoria Hospital and reminded him to look for Dr Cheam who will stitch him back nicely.
The perpetrator put on his hootie and walked out of the room.

Gerard被綁在窗戶上,無能為力。 肇事者走了過來,給他的身體上油,擠壓屁股,伸入褲子裡,用手指探查他的屁股洞,抓住他的蛋珠大力擠壓,使房間里傳來陣陣慘叫聲。 不一會兒,Gerard的臉上都是渴望的紅暈。
肇事者慢慢地撕開他的內衣,露出他勃起的雞巴。 接下來,一個假陽具被插進他屁股洞,在整個房間里傳來痛苦的尖叫聲。 之後,他被肇事者雞姦直到他射在牆上。
射完,肇事者說時間到了,打開了燈。 告訴Gerard,性虐待療程結束了,要求他付款。 Gerard說:“這麼快,以為應該更長一些?” 肇事者指著手錶說。 我的手錶說1個小時过了。 時間到!
Gerard懇求他繼續折磨他,直到他接近死亡。 他願意支付一万元。
肇事者關掉燈,拉緊繩子,開始從後面勒死他,直到Gerard缺氧暈了過去。 接下來,施暴者壓在他的小腹上,彷彿要檢查一個關鍵點,然後驅散他。 Gerard被腹部劇烈的疼痛驚醒。 肇事者伸入他的小腹,拔出了一些腸子,讓它們懸在外面。 當他感覺到Gerard已經受夠了時,他打開了燈,釋放了Gerard,並幫助他坐在地板上。 Gerard握住溢出來的腸子,並告訴肇事者自己到抽屜里拿一万元現金支票。 在肇事者離開之前,他告訴Gerard,他已經替他叫來一輛救護車,將他送往維多利亞醫院,並提醒他尋找钱醫生,他会好好为他縫紮。

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Additional Information
    Content N/A
    Category All
    Country No
    Year 2020
    Director Hansamu
    Cast No
    Language English
    Subtitle English
    Viewing Option Online Streaming
    Duration 00:09:09
    Resolution 720P
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