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AA Season 1_01 : Hotel Adonis (Video)

AA Season 1_01 : Hotel Adonis (Video)

Quick Overview

片名: AA全新第一季第一集 酒店裡的阿多尼斯

片名:AA全新第一季度第二集 吊橋會

片名: AA最新第一季第三集:叢林約

片名: AA最新第一季第四集:尾神橋



AA(Adonis Actors) 是「三十儿立」俊男團的全新作品,有影片,有電子書
AA全新第一季,領銜主演:阿牛Teslin,小壞Mr. Badboy

AA1-1 Hotel Adonis
Badboy and Teslin were excited for their Japan adventure, eventually they reached Hotel Adonis in Tokyo which is wonderful place to recharge after a long journey. But things became viral and hardcore as the spirit of Adonis awakens....

AA1-2 Crossing the line
After an intimacy contact of Badboy and Teslin in the theater while the screening of Adonis, Teslin was inspired by the spirit.
In the next morning Teslin left the hotel
and decided to create his own path for extension, he arrived at the boundary of reality and fantasy......the bridge of love.
Teslin was wondering on the bridge and suddenly felt lost by the absence of Badboy. Badboy showed up at the right time and said the spirit of Adonis brought him here, therefore the journey went on.....

AA 1-3 Hidden affairs
Following by the hot erotic moment on the bridge which was just a warm up for them. Badboy suggested going deeper into the woods for another shot. While they were exploring, the forest whispered, the wind stopped and stared at them.
Mother Nature were waiting for their show…

AA 1- 4 The Bridge of Love
It was said that there was a mystery ancient fall hidden somewhere around Fuji Mountain, Badboy decided to take a look. Teslin found a river in their way, the torrent was ice cold, Teslin was hesitated to take the first step but Badboy seemed not to give a shit. With the encouragement and guidance of the spirit of Adonis, the couple discovered the breathtaking site and enjoy once again.

AA 1-5 Unchained in Fuji
Eventually, the spirit lead them deep into Fuji Mountain, since the driveways were covered by the snow, access is denial for public. However Teslin made the first shot this time, he ignored the warning sign, and things started get crazy, the nude party began. Finally they found the secret entrance….

AA 1-6 While fresh met Snow
It seems like a No Way Back mission as they go deeper and deeper, but things on the way is still stunning and beautiful, the couple are lost in lust, they spent the last drop of energy. Unable to move anymore, disconnected to world, lying on snow, is that the end of their life or journey?

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Additional Information
    Content No
    Category All
    Country Hong Kong
    Year 2020
    Director No
    Cast 阿牛Teslin , 小壞Mr. Badboy
    Language Chinese
    Subtitle English
    Viewing Option Online Streaming
    Duration 00:04:28
    Resolution 720P
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